ETCETERA – Arthur C. Danto once described a work of art that gave him a sense of 'obscure but inescapable meaning' and that 'art does not hit you over the head with a simple message, but gives you a sense that life is not a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. It fills you with hope and gives you the strength to carry on, though you cannot define what it is that moves you.'

The beautiful moments on wedding days are shadows pointing to a greater reality. And that reality to me is Jesus. Every good thing in life is just an 'etcetera' of Him.





“There was an immediate sense of comfort and trust that he would have our best interests at heart. He encouraged us to collaborate with him to help bring our vision to life (I.e our music video!), but also had an uncanny ability to capture candid and genuine moments throughout the day. There is an ease to his work, that allows you to relax knowing he is going to allow you to shine brightest on your day.”

Brian is absolutely AMAZING. He is incredibly personable, genuinely caring and so professional. He made us feel so comfortable with him on the day of our wedding that we felt like we could be ourselves even with cameras around! Brian captured all of the most intimate and raw moments of our wedding that we hold so dearly to us, and we can't thank him enough for creating something so beautiful that we will cherish forever.

“Brian provided great insights and creative ideas to make our day even more special. Our wedding video turned out beautifully! We couldn't ask for anything better. Thank you Brian & Tiffany for capturing our wedding day, you made it so fun and stress-free!”

“We had an east coast wedding but we flew him out because we didn’t want anyone else. We relived our day through watching the video, through the small glances, the happy tears, the voice breaks. Brian caught all of that, in addition to stunning cinematography of our day. We will cherish our video for years to come, and we cannot recommend Etcetera enough!!”

I Literally can’t describe how much we love our photos. We can’t thank Brian enough for how much he put into our big day, and how our photos turned out beyond our expectations.”